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Ristorante San Giorgio

Ristorante San Giorgio - Home Grifondoro

It is located in the center, a structure that can accommodate 50 people in the area Fair, and we start with the renovations and with definite ideas to continue the journey hand in hand with quality. Cooking with Roberto Scala Teresa Mom while Danilo room with dad George.

The kitchen offers local dishes, sea and land.


Vieni a trovarci

Via Rimassa 150 r
16129 Genova
Cell. 347 9106338 - Tel. 010 59.55.205



Sul tuo navigatore imposta Via Rimassa Nr. 72 Genova.


Ristorante Ippogrifo

Ristorante Ippogrifo - Home Grifondoro



Ours' predominantly Mediterranean, traditional Ligurian cuisine, but not only.

The selection of 'follows the seasonal cycle menu not only with regard to fruit and vegetables but also with attention to the catch, and choice of meat.

We like to choose dishes that come from the territory next to this the catch and 'predominantly Tyrrhenian, the meat is mostly' Piedmont, basil pesto and our 'always fresh and a good part of our oils are Ligurian' cause, for us, at the base of a good food there 's also an excellent oil.

All the pasta and 'fresh and homemade so' like bread, breadsticks and buns to always offer the best and never betray the expectations.

Our cuisine and 'open daily until 23.30 always offering a constant presence.

Ristorante Ippogrifo

- Via Raffaele Gestro 9r - 16129 Genova

Telefono e Fax: tel. 010.592.764 - fax. 010.593.185

E-Mail: info@ristoranteippogrifo.it


La Locanda Antichi Sapori

La Locanda Antichi Sapori - Home Grifondoro

"Inn of the ancient flavors" is a name and a program. Our goal is to seek, find and propose the kitchen than once: simple, genuine and familiar flavors which have always been our culinary tradition. Pesto Genovese with its authentic and unique flavor, pansoti with walnut sauce, a true signature of the Genovese cuisine, stuffed Ligurian, the Ligurian rabbit, minestrone Ligurian, anchovies, cod and cod: this is what which for us means the Genoese food, so home. Know that in the heart of our city, or rather to the mouth, close to the Fiera di Genova is an establishment that offers just that should be comforting, to give you an idea of security, ensuring that all those who want to eat at home , to find what they are expecting.



52/R, Via Casaregis

- 16129 Genova (GE) -

Italia | P.I. 02284930993

 | Tel. +39 010 588543 |  

 info@locandaantichisapori.it |




Welcome to ANTICA OSTERIA DI VICO PALLA, a historical restaurant that has its origins since 1500 when sailors and poets passed through the streets of the ancient port of Genoa, stopping to eat traditional dishes of fish and the famous stockfish.

Here you will find the typical dishes of Ligurian cuisine, prepared with seasonal products, and fresh fish dishes exclusively fished in high sea.

Chef Maurizio Capurro and his staff are waiting for you every day.


Antica Osteria di Vico Palla S.r.l.

Vico Palla 15R
Genova 16128

Tel. +39 010 2466575
P. IVA 03789970104



Pizzeria 23 Febbraio

Pizzeria 23 Febbraio - Home Grifondoro


Pizzeria 23 Febbraio



Pizzeria 23 Febbraio

Via della Libertà, 92 - 16129 - GenovaTelefono: 010 581179



A short walk from the promenade of Genoa, one of the most popular pizzeria in Genoa. February 23, offers pizzas with highly digestible flour and quality products

Opening: Every day from 19.00 to 23.30

 the pizzeria pizza February 23 offers a natural, simple and, at the same time, because only tasty prepared with quality products. The pizzas on February 23 are young: the first choices materials for the preparation of the paste are rich in free radicals that make the dough more digestible.

Wellness yes, but also a lot of taste: from classic margherita, the most elaborate and unusual pizzas. And then, do not miss the pizza of the month: a special, limited-edition prepared that the owner Giuseppe and his pizza makers choose for their patrons.

And for lovers of pizza and food lovers, every day, on request (for groups of at least ten people) is the giropizza.













Home Grifondoro

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